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Balance Your Life . . .

Live Your Joy


Constance Joy Hart, ND, Certified Soul Coach®, Certified Past Life Coach. 

I offer several other modalities as well and integrate each of them for healing and balancing your body, mind, and spirit.








Soul Coach®


Certified Advanced Soul Coach trained by Denise Linn, offering Individual Sessions or group 28 Day programs



ANMCB Board Certified

Dr. of Naturopathy

Personal Homeopathy, Iridology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Jin Shin Jyutsu . . .



Energy Healing


Pink Ray 5th Dimensional 

Aquamarine 7th Dimensional

Gold, White, Lavender, Silver Rays

Past Life Coach®


Certified Past Life Coach offering individual healing or group sessions

DSC_0825_2 copy.jpg

Ordained in Order of Melchizedek


Perform ceremonies including marriage

Space Clearing


Space Clearing for home or office. Clear old energy patterns and replace with vibrant energy allowing for your life to blossom with joy and abundance i

You did a lot yesterday and I do not know how to thank you...I really do not...I saw this spark in your eyes and this feeling of love and care and so much compassion for our family and I did not want to be with anybody but you at that moment... I could see how excited you were for us ... and what a strong faith you have in what you were doing which made me even stronger in my faith. That beautiful energy that you just learned to channel is so soft and when you were working yesterday you were as soft and beautiful as that energy..." - M.S.

®SoulCoach and Past Life Coach certified by Denise Linn

Being in the presence of -- and receiving guidance from -- Connie is always a blessing. No matter the situation, her calming and gentle energy is palpable and feels like a blanket of soul joy. Through her teachings, Connie has not only guided me in my journey, but also empowered me by showing me the many ways in which I can -- and have always been able to -- connect and lead myself through mindfulness." - S.B.

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