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Energy Healing


I use the energies of the 12 Dimensions in the Tree of Life that spans our Universe. I am especially tuned into the Pink Ray - 5th Dimensional which is powerfully opening our hearts to Remember who we are as Spiritual Beings.

The 7th Dimensional Aquamarine energy from Sirius and Neptune is incredibly transformative and healing. This energy is strong in places in the Pacific Ocean and Mt Shasta where Lemurians once lived and continue in the city Telos under Mt Shasta.

I work with all of the ArchAngels and different light frequencies for healing emotional and physical issues on all levels. Angels often appear and each has their own color signature.

Lavender and Silver, Diamond White, and Gold energies are extremely powerful and transmutive.










“I am feeling better and better every day. I can breathe so much better

since you treated my lungs.” -Anonymous


“Thank you so much. Gratitude into infinity! 

Feels like the weight of the world has been lifted, and I slept straight through the night last night, something that never ever happens!" -S.B.


"Connie did a distance healing on my daughter the night before she was evaluated for depression medications. It was incredible! The deep depression lifted. She still had anxiety, but the doctors did not reccomend that medication was needed. I am so grateful!" -M.S.

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