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Past Life Healing

I find it more effective to go to the root cause of the issue. Each physical issue is rooted in an emotional issue

I have been uncovering my own and other's past lifetimes for over fifteen years now. I have trained personally under Denise Linn at her ranch in California. I offer healing for the body, mind and spirit as an Advanced Soul Coach®, and Past Life Coach, and will give you tools to initiate unlocking your memories of previous lifetimes, which are all with you. Remembering who you are can clear blockages between you and your soul, leading to healing for problems you are experiencing in this lifetime - whether manifesting in emotional or physical issues. I can work with you in a one on one session or in a group workshop. Many have cleared blocks and experienced significant shifts in their lives with ripple effects to those around them. You do not need to “believe” in past lives for the meditations to work!

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®SoulCoach, 28 Day Program, and Past Life Coach certified by Denise Linn


A Parent can Heal a Child’s Issue!!

I participated in a group past-life regression session with Connie that changed my and my daughter’s life!! My 3-year-old daughter was scared of the water her whole life, so baths were basically torture for everyone involved. 

During previous past life visions on my own, I had seen my daughter in a lake drowning, but I wasn’t able to save her. I didn’t know why I couldn’t save her and always felt guilty in this life. 

When I went to Connie’s past life regression session, I was able to view that day. I saw what led to her drowning, followed by my sadness throughout that lifetime. After we came back from the regression, Connie said we could experience a different lifetime or go back into that lifetime we just saw and change something that we didn’t like. This was my opportunity to rewrite our past!! 

In the next regression, I went back to that life and I knew exactly what was going to happen. So, I was able to get to the lake before my daughter drowned and pull her out as she fell in! I saw myself living the rest of that life happily.

I went home that night with a full heart. Then, as I gave my daughter a bath, she didn’t cry. Actually, she laughed while she splashed and played,, which she had never done before that day! I couldn’t believe what a change had happened, so I recorded it on video. I cried happy tears that night!

The following night was the same, with my daughter being joyful in the bath! To this day, she now loves the water. Even if she is a little timid at times, she isn’t in tears when I wash her hair or terrified when water gets on her face. 

I am forever grateful to Connie for helping my daughter and I to have that experience!” -Christina D.


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