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Energetic Space Clearing


I have been clearing spaces for the past ten years with profound energy shifts. I work with the spirit of the house and clear stuck energies and entities or patterns left from previous owners. I not only clear the bad stuff but invite in vibrant sparkling energies to bring a new vitality into your life for clarity, joy, abundance or what your desires are.


It's all about energy. My engineering background has helped me in my Naturopathic and now energy work because of understanding some basic physics principles about energy. There are energetic patterns and frequencies for each object, physical symptom, emotion and thought. They can be tuned into and cancelled out through Bach flowers or homeopathic medicines, in our bodies, and through techniques for your living or work space.


Through principles of Elemental Space Clearing (as taught by Denise Linn and my own experience), I work to not only clear a space but then bring in vibrant, sparkling energy tailored to the desires of my client.


Sometimes energies build up into very dense patterns after years of repetitive emotions or behaviors in the same areas. These energies can be removed using the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. I also work with crystals and essential oils to enhance the clearing and then add the revitalizing energies. My clients speak of how light and joyful their living space has become. Relationships have mended, children show respect where they didn't respond before, houses sell for more money than expected. Chaos turns into peace and harmony. You can choose to invite clarity or romance -  whatever you are personally seeking.







" The house is much improved. you would be amazed at the difference in the feelings in the rooms. I'm sleeping in the master bedroom now! It no longer feels creepy. As a couple we are doing very well . . . My husband came home and said he could tell a difference walking in the back door. He said the house felt "cleaner". . . We both have remarked about how serene the cats are. The difference is marked. Romance has been especially wonderful, better than normal :)" R.T.


" Thank you for the house clearing. It really got the ball rolling for me. After you came several things in my life started lining up - I was able to finish preparing the house for market, my kids started treating me better, I started feeling better about life in general and many things just started coming together way better than I could have imagined. My house sold immediately and for much more than expected by myself or realtor - my full asking price." J.L.


" I soooo loved watching you as you cleared the space - magical and beautiful.


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