Healing Ancestral Patterns


Meet your ancestors


I can help you get in touch with your ancestors - to activate gifts and strengths or to heal ancestral patterns and blocks. 


Workshop includes Soul Journey work with excercises to find patterns and an opportunity to clear blockages and create new contracts for healing in the present.




"Wow! I really saw from my grandmother, her mother and her mother's perspectives. And I received very personal messages from them." Rose


"I uncovered a pattern of having to work very hard to succeed. I felt like a weight had lifted after the Workshop" Annie, Newfoundland


" I was so encouraged by my great grandfather who stepped forward and told me what a great healer I was and that I just needed to lean into it"


" I saw the pattern before my eyes of gathering great abundance and turning it away . . . I was able to break the "contract" and replace it with a new one. Since then the resources that come to me do not just slip through my fingers".


®SoulCoach and Past Life Coach certified by Denise Linn